36 Defence Colony

Upstage Productions and Behroopiya Entertainers Presents 36, Defence Colony, 36 Defence Colony is the story of Delhi. It's about the grey side of the city which speaks about the relationship between power, preservation, and pleasure. Its also an ode to the duty-bound Police officers of Delhi Police who, despite having human emotions, go by the book of the law. It's a hidden appetite of being unwinnable which creates enormous friction to human goodness and thus, some of us, somehow, do something which we should not have done. Crime. That crime which thrives in the society for every criminal thinks he has the best 'plan'. But then, across the road, there is always someone watching, someone listening, someone evaluating our every brutal move. They are those who secure peripheries of our social obligations. They are those who, beyond unimaginable pain, bear the rage of circumstances and still join pieces to ensure justice. They are the Delhi Police.

Though 36 Defence Colony as a story can be classified as a thrilling murder mystery, however, the nuances of the story reveal that it has abundant elements of emotional turmoil, broken relationships, conspiracy, assumptions, and realistic humour. It all has been carefully shown in a realistic yet subtle manner.

The stage production indeed questions the essence of morality, greed, and belongingness.

Chargesheet indeed is filed

Written and Directed by : Manil Mayank Mishra

Assistant Director : Tara Singh

Cast : Pavleen Gujral, Neel Kamal, Girish Jain, Jamila Khan, Chhatresh Mehra, Gayatri, Sharma, Sadique Khan