Ghalib New Delhi

Upstage Productions and Behroopiya Entertainers in association with Excelsior American School Presents Pierrot's Troupe Ghalib in New Delhi, the 505th Show of India's longest-running comedy which has been hugely popular, highly acclaimed and widely travelled. This play is an extremely funny account of the 19th-century renowned poet Mirza Ghalib's re-birth in the 21st century India – his trials, tribulations, and travails -- from his birth at the Bus Adda of Delhi to staying in a Servant Quarter with a University Student from Patna to dealing with the Punjaban Land Lady to becoming a Page – 3 celebrity.

The play features some of the prominent actors of the country; including Himanshu Srivastava, Manish Singh, Dr. M Sayeed Alam, etc., with Dr. Alam essaying the all-important role of Mirza Ghalib. It has been written and directed by Dr. M Sayeed Alam, reputed for his penchant for Humorous, Historical and Historic plays.

Last but not the least, the play is produced by Pierrot's Troupe - the theater company credited with giving many new, original and entertaining productions to Hindi, Urdu and English Theatre: Ghalib In New Delhi, Maulana Azad, Big B, Ghalib, K L Saigal, Sons of Babur, Ghalib Ke Khat, Shah Jahan –O- Mumtaz, Sir Iqbal, Pakistan Aur Alzheimer's, To Gandhi Ji With Spelling Mistakes, Raja Nahar Singh, Dagh Dehlvi, Mohan Se Mahatma, The Tale Of Quarles, Hazrat-e Krishna, etc.

Written and Directed by : Dr. M. Sayeed Alam

Cast : Dr. M. Sayeed Alam, Himanshu Srivastava, Yashraj Malik, Manish Singh, Jaskiran Chopra, Aryan Pratap, Bhoomi Nighat Siraj, Bilal Mir, Gyanesh Sharma, Rahul Paswan