Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha

Sometimes in life, the results of our endeavours may not match with its objectives. At such times, we can only shrug and say, "Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha..." Actor Prepares Productions latest play revolves around two such people who didn't mean to hurt each other, but eventually did.

Preetam Kumar Chopra and Hema Roy grew up together in the surroundings and the bye lanes of Chandni Chowk, Delhi. They were in love with each other in their high-school days. Due to circumstances, they were separated and each thought that they were let down by the other.

In the autumn of their lives, 35 years later, they meet again to discover the truth behind their separation.

They now meet in New Delhi's Lodhi Gardens and pour out their hearts. What they discover is totally astonishing and in contrast with what they had been imagining about each other all their lives. As they say, assumptions and presumptions may not be true conclusions.

Do Preetam and Hema forgive each other? Can they start their lives anew? Can women ever be on the same footing as men in our patriarchal social system? Will society allow two responsible individuals the freedom to live a life of their choice?

Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha... poses many such questions to the audience while enthralling them in a web of wit and a range of emotions. The play also features a guest appearance by Rakesh Bedi.

Preetam Kumar Chopra played by ANUPAM KHER

Hema Roy is played by NEENA GUPTA

Kapoor is played by RAKESH BEDI

Written and Directed by RAKESH BEDI