A Boy Named Theatre, An English Comedy Play

Upstage Productions and Behroopiya Entertainers in association with White Nose Productions Presents A Boy Named Theatre, An English Comedy Play. The play is an experimental comedy, paying a unique tribute to one's of the godfathers of drama, William Shakespeare. Timed at 1 Hrs, it is a combination of multiple sketches, celebrating some of Shakespeare's best works, with a modern twist. The aim behind the script is to show the reality of the Delhi Theatre Circuit, especially everything that goes on behind the scenes and what better way to do it than through the big daddy's work itself? Whilst attempting this play, we want to bring on stage a new type of performance, a piece that challenges the audience to step out of their comfort zone and witness something totally fresh

Directors: Pallav Chander, Debontika Das

Writers: Pallav Chander, Debontika Das

Cast : Ajay Lamba, Arti Nayar, Prerna Mohan, Yash Kakkar