Appurv Gupta

Hello! I am Appurv Gupta! I'm a 24 year old stand-up comic by passion and profession. Many people know me as 'The mobile guy', some of them just know me by 'patli pin wala charger guy'.(Well, I can't help :P ) I try to make people laugh by sharing some good stories, some observations and some jokes too. I don't like sad faces, may be that's one of the reason I have become stand-up comic. I have completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2012(People call me stupid for doing Stand Up Comedy after B.Tech but if that's the case, then I would have done MBA and as of now, would have been working in some Bank :p). When I was in college, I realized that coding in C and creating circuit is not my cup of tea (Although, I got good grades throughout my college. Well that's the inbuilt talent I have). So, I joined a non profit public speaking organization- Toastmasters International in 2009. In next 5 years I gave around 1000 stage performances, took many leadership roles, managed many clubs and teams of senior people (some of them are known entrepreneurs of some good companies too )and opened many clubs in different locations and corporates companies. When I was in 3rd year, I got some job offer also but I didn't join any company and directly started doing stand-up comedy (now its your turn to say that I'm Stupid).

Journey so far :

So, after I started doing stand-up comedy full time and thanks to God, my family and friends that till now I have done around 250 shows which includes shows at some top IT companies like Adobe,American Express, Exl, Airtel, Tanishq, some top banks like SBI, SBI Capital, HDFC and Government regulators like SEBI. I have also performed in some of the best colleges of India like IITs, IIMs, FMS and some college of Delhi University. (You can check full client list on Home Page). One of my video on mobile phone which I uploaded in 2013, went viral on social media and WhatsApp but you know I was an amateur person at that time so I forgot to write my name in the video, as a result many people have seen my video but they have no clue who this guy is.(may be you are one of them if you have seen that video and still curious who was that guy, then yes,I am the one :)).

About my Stand-Up Comedy :

I like to make people laugh, I like to share stories,observations and jokes with my audience. I don't know mimicry, my acting skills are good (Well I can say that after watching many stupid movies like "Yeh Dil aashiqana","Kya Dil ne kaha "and "Jaani Dushman". Don't check these movies else you will abuse me for wasting you time :) ) Well instead of reading about my stand up comedy, I would suggest to check video section of my site (Woaah what an Idea Sir jee..isn't it ? :) ). I could have spend some more time writing about my life but don't you think that it's better to invite me :). My life stories will be complimentary for you after the show.