The Guest List

Behroopiya Entertainers Presents 'The Guest List'

'The Guest List' : If marriage is birth of something new, divorce is puberty. It hits like a shovel. A party with five guests (A Punjabi, A Bengali, A Parsi, A Tamil-Punabi and an eccentric nut case), who are unaware of each other's invitations are invited to Delhi's posh restaurant, 'Dawat-e-Khas' by the mysteriously missing host Vermas, only to face-off in this season's rib-tickling comedy of errors. A lounge with divorced ex-couples intolerant of each other's existence, a quirky doctor with a plan, secrets, faceoff between truths just 4 years after their respective divorces, a host who is mysteriously absent and a guest who will create a havoc of hilarity in their lives. If these aren't reasons enough to join in for an evening of wit, sarcasm and laughter... then that is just... well... your choice.

Directed By : Adhiraj Sharma

Writer : Adhiraj Sharma

Artists : Mohak Pajni, Shruti Khattar, Varoon Anand, Adhiraj Sharma, Mehek Panjabi