The Park

Behroopiya Entertainers present "The Park", A Hindi Comedy Play.

There are several layers to 'The Park'. On a simplistic level it is a comedy about three men in a park fighting for their place; there are three benches but not enough. The play touches upon that thing which is at a premium these days – space – literally and metaphorically. What starts of as light hearted banter evolves into a serious conflict about space, territory and ownership. These become the main issues. The Park can be many things; it can be a metaphor for home, or a metaphor for love, or even your workplace. It deals with a problem of space, which is universal.

Directed by : Rishi Mehta & Niten Mehta

Produced by : Mudita Mehta

Genre : Comedy

Language : Hindi

Age Limit : 10 Years and Above.