Run for Your Wife

Behroopiya Entertainers presents 'Run for your wife', a Romantic Comedy Play in Hinglish.

Run for your wife, the World's longest running and the funniest comedy ever written. This British farce written by Ray Cooney has been adapted for the Indian Audience. 
Set in the South Delhi, it is the story of taxi driver 'Sabby Gill', who has been getting away with having two wives in different homes relying heavily upon a very precise schedule which he adheres to religiously. Trouble Ensues when a head injury causes his schedule go awry. To make matters worse, there are two inspectors at both his homes looking for him while investigating the incident. What follows is a laugh a minute riot as Sabby tries to keep his secret through contrivance of false stories and fabrication of a web of lies. 

Written by : Ray Cooney
Directed by : Rishi Mehta
Produced by : Mudita Mehta

This Performance is under License from Samuel French, UK

Language : Hinglish

Duration : 110 minutes

Genre : Romantic Comedy, Physical, Farce.

New Delhi : Behroopiya Entertainers presents ‘Run for your wife’, a Romantic Comedy Play in Hinglish Written by Ray Cooney.

So Come and Enjoy this roller coaster ride!

Run For Your Wife Trailer

Audience Reviews

  • Anand Verma - Run for your wife : "I came to see your show this Sunday along with a colleague. Thought I'd post the feedback but forgot. But I think it's only fair to pass on the feedback since I've been cracking the play jokes and laughing in office on play sequences since past 3 days. Thank you for making me laugh so much. I have never seen such hilarious play ever earlier. Totally paisa wasool. All your people are amazing. It only amazes me to imagine how much effort must be going in to making such a flawless performance. Big congratulations to everyone behind the stage. On stage, I just loved Lucky (missing his name which he told after the show) & Kuljeet (Madhu, if I remember it right?). These 2 nailed it and kept me laughing throughout. The loud wife was hysterical and Lucky's face expressions were comical to the core. I'm yelling Alpha Bravo Charlie and sahi pakde hain in my office on every situation. Hope his underwear is settled now & Kuljeet or inspectors are done beating him. lol. Others were brilliant too. Good luck for your future plays. Will be happy to watch your next play."

  • Madhumita Singh - Run for your wife : "Being a lively person I just love to laugh and won't miss a single chance to be in such a place.

    Never been to theatre and believe me watching a live comedy with such a great , awesome show they totally made a best first time experience for me. All the characters were so indulged and real they made me fall from the chair.

    So ppl done act sophisticated here just open up and laugh ur gut out"

  • Puneet Chawla - Run for your wife : "Watching Run for your wife was a rich treat to the tickle bone. ‪#‎Comedygasm is the word and i am sure everyone had it yesterday. Can't remember the last time i have laughed my everything out. Earnest gratitude to all the crew who pulled off the show with utmost ease and style. ‪#‎Theatre Rock"

  • Neha Gaurav Joshi - Run for your wife : "Hello.. Came to see your Run for your wife play yesterday. I must admit, I have never laughed so much in any 2 hours of my life. I think this was the best way to spend my Sunday evening. Hearty congratulations to everyone in cast & crew. Everyone was too good. But lucky & gujjar were the best. These 2 guys were just crazy on stage. Will come again. Keep up the good work."

  • Kapil Malik - Run for your wife : "Fantastic experience watching RFYW @ KOD this saturday ... top notch acting and excellently timed gags ... esp. loved the performance of 2 police officers - Rohan Batra and Naresh Kumar ! ... Kudos to whole team, would love to visit again."

  • Gita Vohra - Run for your wife : "The most I have ever laughed for 2 hrs straight. Wish I could get a DVD!!"

  • Gurpreet Singh – 5 star - Run for your wife : "Never been to theater in my life and when my friend suggested that we watch this play and that to on a Sunday evening I was bit skeptical . Must say never thought it would be so entertaining. Very well adapted to the Indian context, characters are carefully researched, chosen and extremely well played and mind you most of them are office going or working people and you will not be able to distinguish their performance from a full time professional artist.

    The plot is interesting, script and dialogues are well written and delivered. The play starts slowly and builds up tempo on the way.

    Liked the performance of all characters but my favourite is lucky, an extremely witty character, his innocence is charming. Lucky is the life of the play and will make you laugh to your bone! Bravo! If you want a good laugh go and watch the play One small note though the play is not strictly vulgar but would still keep kids at home."

  • Gaurav Das – 5 star - Run for your wife : "It was brilliant performance guys. Look forward for more - 10/10"

  • Binit Kedia - Run for your wife : "Watched your show "run for your wife" yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic. Had a grt time. All the characters were outstanding. loved lucky paaji the most. Strongly recommended. 5 on 5 :) cheers !"

  • Ankit Jain - Run for your wife : "Hey Team.. It was not too hard to search for your guyz..probably I am the one who was missing out on fun.. First of all, I am not one of the "Play" watching guyz, one of my friend recommended that i should go for it. A bit confused ;yet a lil inclined because of the genre - I chose to give it a shot and invest my Sunday Afternoon and Alas! 2 hours of non-stop fun. I admit - "I WAS MISSING OUT ON FUN" ?#?runforyourwife one of my first live broadway ever and enjoyed every second of it. I want to highlight few performances - which i certainly going to remember for long; Sabby Gill : The one of the LONG dialogue where he is explaining to inspector "Gujjar" Inspector : Where he mentions about "Lucky (kid)" confusion in aggression Mona - She's full on in her character and accent was perfect (not taking away credit from any other character - everyone played awesomely) Kuljeet - Mrs. Gill beating the hell out of everyone - Justice :) LUCKY aka Mr. Pali - He is the guy, his timing/dialogues/punches/one liner -- funny to the core. He never let the momentum go down for even a sec. Witty is a perfect synonym. The backbone of entire show. Now I will personally make sure that all my friends watch this show. Kudos Guys! You put up a nice show. All the best and keep the laugh riot ongoing.."

  • Neha Sharma - Run for your wife : "People, please take out time and go for this one....paisa wasool entertainment!!"

  • Amit Kshirsagar - Run for your wife : "Amazing play loved all the characters! Hard to pick my fav one.. The one who made the audience laugh the most was "DSG" dharam singh gujjar!"balak" ...won't mind watching the play again ...if it comes to town!!"

  • Anuj Dua - Run for your wife : "I completely enjoyed this comedy play previous evening kept laughing almost during whole play. All departments and characters justified thier roles. I specially like the way english spoken wid punjabi hindi & haryanvi ascent. So this is a must must watch play in our stressed life. Go along wid family, friends an have fun while watching this play...."

  • Rohit Vadhawani5 star – "Run for your wife" : We really had amazing evening at the Epicentre Gurgaon today. Thoroughly enjoyed "Run for your Wife". It was a breath of fresh air after years of watching movies for the sake of spending weekends. Thoroughly recommend it to everyone in NCR. It a great laughter therapy for adults :) "

  • Nitika Kumar5 star – Run for your wife : "Great show. All actors have acted really well and taken the script to another level. The casting done was fabulous and everyone justified their roles really well. Special mention for "lucky paaji" and "sabby". Both actors are outstanding.The play will leave you with a smile on your face. Great job guys. keep it up."

  • Geeta Trehan Banga - Run For your wife : "The best comedy play ever seen. Fantabulous acting by all the actors ! A must watch !!"

  • Yadvendra Singh - Run for your wife - "Last evening watched your play at Alliance Francaise Auditorium. I would like to congratulate you all for a most enjoyable, entertaining and brilliant production. I laughed and laughed and laughed till my sides ached. Simply adored the play, would like to mention the excellent performances of the two "Thulas", and the friend. These actors were brilliant. BRAVO"

  • Ankit Nagpal – Run for your wife - "This play is must watch, marvellous acting crafted by each actor in the play"

  • Bhupesh Jatiani – Run for your wife - "As they say, the more you laugh longer you live. This Act increased my life by 5 years, cause I was constantly laughing throughout 100 mins play. Hats off to the team for doing justice to the longest running comedy script ever. Special thanks to Robin Pupneja aka Lucky paaji who held the whole act together and made sure we laughed our hearts out. Great work people, now you have added one more person to your Fan list.

    P.S. - Amazing work by the team, during the play when the kettle broke and the actors made that incident a part of the play rather freaking out. Cheers !!!!!"

  • Yogesh Shukla – "Awesome presentation of play and every character acted so well. They are the future stars of film industry. wonderful play ...."

  • DrCoomar Arunodaya – "Ive been seeing u...since loong..! u create the magic on stage....wish, i could take u all to my city, for a show...!! your run for a wife and boing-boing..were good enough to hook ups...dulari-dhamaal..simply, gr888......!! keep playing, behroopiya's...stay blessed....)"

  • Gopal Sahai "G rr eat...performance indeed. Amazing performances by all artists"

  • Vaibhav Sharma "Absolutely brilliant performance. Loved it!"

  • Pansy Jasjit Singh "AWESOME... keep on entertaining... God bless all"

  • Shaifali Bargota "had an amazing show called Run For Your Wife...Keep coming up with such comedy elements smile emoticon good work guys emoticon"

  • Rahul Sinha "You guys put up an amazing show and kept us at the edge of our seats... Brilliant pieces by everyone on the acting list. Lucky Paaji was simply amazing... Will definitely be back for more (with Aparna Varma)"