Shakuntalam - Agar Pura Kar Paye Toh!

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Behroopiya Entertainers and Upstage Productions in Associaton with V Club, Gurgaon Presents Red Nose Entertainment's Kalidasas SHAKUNTALAM - AGAR PURA KAR PAYE TOH!

What if the clowns start to reinterpret Kalidas's classic? Will the clowns be able to handle the pressure of 2500 year old text? Or will they just fool around?

Welcome to Shakuntalam - Agar Pura Kar Paye Toh…

Shakuntalam is an interactive physical comedy trying to merge clown and mime techniques with one of India's oldest play.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride!

Cast - Sagar Bhoir, Shreeram Chaudhari, Ankita Nikrad

Directed By - Rupesh Tillu

Written By - Rupesh Tillu