Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant is one of India's biggest comedians and the founder of East India Comedy. He has done 1400+ shows in 75 cities and 15 countries. You've seen him in the Ghanta Awards, Traveling Pants, EIC Vs. Bollywood and on his frequent appearance on India's best comedy shows i.e. Times Now debates."

Rant of the Pant, English Standup Comedy With Sorabh Pant.

In his new show Sorabh Pant outrages about Trump & India, pollution, gay rights, population control, his favourite Indian PMs, Modi, Rahul, other comedians, feminism, suicide, sexism and religion.

Keep your FIRs ready as Pant rages for 90 minutes with all-new jokes and some of his best material. He also debates with the crowd and gets his ass kicked.

Rant of the Pant LIVE is based on a Facebook property that got over 5 million views.

Shows have already been confirmed in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, BLR, Chennai, Kochi++ and aims to be the most toured standup special in India; it will hit 30+ cities and 7 countries in 2017.

So Come and Enjoy this roller coaster ride!