"Talli Tuesday" Hinglish Comedy Play

A highly entertaining comedy from the writer of PiyaBehrupiya and dialogue writer of movie Hindi Medium. Where he depict Relationships, can be really comical in today’s fast-moving virtual world of Facebook, Twitter,What’s App, Tinder, etc. 

A compilation of blind dates under the influence of alcohol, which go from subtle to a hellish roller coaster ride.Talli Tuesday is a perfect blend of Stand-up theatre.

A satire based on the concept of blind dating, where one needs to download a drink-n-date app “Talli Tuesday” and create a profile. Fill in your preferences, likes, dislikes etc. about the opposite sex. Based on your profile and preferences, every Tuesday, the app will send a notification to you about a person to date. If you accept the notification, then you meet that person at a local club. The club has a tie up with the app and provides free alcohol to the dating couple. Just drink and date.

About the Director : Amitosh Nagpal is a National School of Drama graduate and writer of famous play Piya Bahrupiya. His latest work is dialogues for Hindi Medium movie starring Irfan Khan and script for Mohit Takalkar's Gajab Kahani for Aadyam (an Aditya-Birla Theatre Initiative). Earlier he was nominated for the NATIONAL AWARD for the lyrics for the film OYE LUCKY, LUCKY OYE.As an actor his most recently released movie is PANCHLAIT as male main lead.

So, enjoy the comic, hilarious and mad like situations created through the combination of blind-date, free alcohol and love throughout the play.

Presented by : Collective Madness Theater Group